Automobile Industry

Plasopan has been catering to the automotive industry industry for over 40 years now, manufacturing various plastic Extruded profiles for a large number of multi national clients across the country.

Working in the industry which is so demanding in terms of quality and costs, has helped us hone our technical skills. By developing close relationships with its OEM clients, Plasopan has instilled their best practices as it has grown along with them.

Specialty automotive extrusions (Flexible/rigid Profiles /measuring instrument profiles & speedometer Profiles) have a wide range of applications in Automobile industry. Various extrusion processes are available to meet the design and performance criteria.

Our technical team capabilities enhanced with most advanced technology helps us to transform even the most complex designs into perfect profiles with the highest performance rate, to match quality requirements of automobile sector.


  1. Motor vehicle wiring sleeves.
  2. Capillary sleeve.
  3. Decorative Car Bead-Exterior.
  4. Horn Insulator for car steering.
  5. Motor vehicle seat belt profile.
  6. Decorative trim for car exteriors.
  7. Metal inserted sleeves.
  8. Metal wires with Pvc Coated outers.


  1. Multi-coextrusion.
  2. Metal insert extrusion.
  3. Wire coating.
  4. Rigid profile extrusion.
  5. Flexible profile extrusion.
We extrude over 300 profiles all of which process very close tolerances. We have also manufactured the dies for these profiles in-house. Some of our profiles are shown below.

Section Chart

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Flexible pvc sleeve, automotive extruded profiles