Upholstered Wall System

It is the industry-leading Upholstered Wall System (acoustical stretched fabric mounting system ) for walls, ceilings and other interior surfaces. Engineered for superior function and design flexibility, Plasopan brings acoustic control to interior architecture without sacrificing aesthetics. A wide range of profiles are available to address almost any design need.

Hidden under the fabric panel can be multiple acoustical substrates that fulfill a three-fold purpose:

  1. Efficient Sound Absorption, diffusion or reflection
  2. Tackability
  3. Highly Aesthetic and Unique

It is a highly customized system for tightly stretching fabric over acoustical substrates. t is typically used on walls and ceilings, but is adaptable to any surface. It’s site-installed nature assures perfect fit to all adjacent work while eliminating the gaps, sagging, or misfitting common to premanufactured panels and other perimeter systems.

It has far more flexibility in terms of design, lead time, and value engineering opportunities. Size limitation is based only on the fabric width, or the ability of the fabric to be sewn to the desired panel size.

Unlike premanufactured acoustical wall panels (Upholstered Wall System), and other site built stretched fabric treatments, it is able to resolve the inherent weaknesses in other products attempting to perform its function. It offers technical superiority, and provides flexibility, performance, and economy.

It is a cost effective tool for creating and enhancing interior environments with function, form, color and texture.

Installation Method

Panels are created per specification shape, width and height. The Subsurfaces (acoustical, rigid, tackable, nailable or combinations) are installed within the perimeter of the framework and secured between the fabric and the substrate. Fabric is then stretched over the framework.

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Area of Usage

The above system is used in areas like cinema halls, auditorium, offices & others.


UPHOLSTERED WALL SYSTEM / Acoustical stretched fabric mounting system for walls